The Artist

Profile :

    Lurdes de Lima was born on 1st June in Portugal. She has lived most of her life in France near Paris, in a small village surrounded by a beautiful forest, where, throughout her childhood, she used to spend a lot of her time.

    In her 20s, while living in Paris, she decided to come to London to study, where she has been ever since.

    In 1993, she moved to Hampstead, there she found beauty, peace and the lightness of the spirit to enhance the creativity she owned, as well as enabling her to enjoy long walks across the Heath, giving her a real sense of well being and serenity. Painting, is similar, it frees her soul.

    This was the beginning of her painting life.

    Water colours was her first medium together with acrylics but for the last few years she has mainly worked with oils.

    She is a self-taught painter and through painting, expresses feelings and visions. All her work emanates from her own mind and spirit.

    Painting is not only something she does for herself, she also hopes in the long term, to contribute to the welfare of children as well as health and humanitarian issue, with the proceeds.

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